The effects of using Quizlet in ELP classroom at CSUSB

This paper seeks to prove the hypothesis that the use of technology and more specifically the use of Quizlet in English Learning Programs (EPLs) in California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB) positively affects the score of academic vocabulary test in ELP classrooms. This research also reveals that the students’ perception of using Quilzet affects their performance. Students who had positive attitudes and beliefs about the use of Quizlet showed better performance than those with a negative attitude and beliefs.

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Before taking ETEC 543, I didn’t have any idea about research. The class was the very first time to learn about research for me, so the class was interesting. The most interesting is the difference between action research and traditional research. I didn’t have any idea about them, but I can explain them. Traditional research focuses on advancing knowledge in the field while Action research aims the improvement of educational practice. Secondly, the most difficult part was building a research question. In the beginning, I didn’t much care about the importance of the research question and how to build it; but, now I know a good research question must be non-biased, answerable, focused, pertinent, relevant and intriguing. Lastly, I enjoyed interviewing other students to do my team research.

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