ETEC 544


Course Objective: At the end of this program, the international students who checked this video will be able to clearly gain the detailed information about how to get a California driver’s license, including locate the form, describe the steps about how to do it, and use the DMV website

Learning Materials

ETEC 644

Self-paced online course: PowerPoint for the ministers


The output is a Self-paced online course: PowerPoint for the ministers. Through the online course, the ministers learn how making a PowerPoint presentation on a sermon time

Learning Materials


I applied ADDIE Model on my project in ETEC 544 at the first time, and I could understand the model deeply by using more detail of the model in ETEC 644. Before taking both classes, I can’t imagine how education is developed. However, the ADDIE model which I learned through two courses was very systemic and effective.  But, when I started my project with the ADDIE model in ETEC 544, it was a challenge for me. I felt that I could easily finish analyzing the needs and deciding target audience, because it was very first stage of the analysis phase. But, that was really time-consuming and not easy working.In the design phase, I could figure out the flowchart. Formerly, I majored in Electronic Engineering, I was familiar with a robot, programming or some experiments. So, I made the flowchart like the direction of a smartphone application at the first time. But, after feedback from the professor, I learned what kind of flowchart form is suitable in the education design phase. Also, I could learn how to fill in a storyboard.

In ETEC 644, I made an online course. Through the project, I learned the importance of navigation on the website. When I tested the course, I realized learners could feel it was hard to follow the navigation even though I thought the class was comfortable to follow. The feedback from experts and learners affected me positively to form the online course website even my E-portfolio. Also, I conducted formative evaluation in ETEC 644, it was quite unfamiliar stage for me. The evaluation has several stages (expert review, one-to-one evaluation, small group evaluation, and field test), and each stage has different criteria, method, and so on. For example, the three main criteria of one-to-one are 1. Clarity of message presented 2. Feasibility given time and resources 3. Impact on attitudes and achievement. Some stage made me confused, but the project in ETEC 644 made me familiar with them.  After completing both courses, now I know what I should do in each ADDIE phase.

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