Engineering college students’ perceptions of success factors in e-learning courses

This research is about the perception of the e-learning course. I found almost all engineering students at Dankook University in South Korea have taken e-learning classes regardless of subjects. However, many students haven’t passed the courses well. So, I thought that was a serious problem and tried to figure out the course of the problem by researching students’ perceptions of e-learning content.

My research subject was ‘engineering college students’ perceptions of success factors in e-learning courses.’, and the following was the research questions:

  1. What are the engineering college student’s perceptions in an e-learning course?
  2. Why the e-learning courses are popular to the engineering college students?
  3. What are the engineering college students’ perceptions of success factors in e-learning courses?

This research found three statements about the research questions: the engineering students are positive about the e-learning class, making the e-learning classes interesting can help the students pass the class successfully, and making a guide how to manage the e-learning classes can help the students pass the class successfully

Learning Materials


ETEC 643 taught me each phase of the research process deeply. Choosing an appropriate method for each process is the key to how the research will be conducted.  There are also several ways for sampling such as random, nonrandom, proportional stratified, cluster sampling, etc. I chose a convenience sampling for a sampling method due to limited time and accessibility. Next time, I would like to recruit more participants with a wider range of characteristics. I collected the data through the online survey and interviews. For analysis, I used excel for the quantitative data. I gained the central tendency, frequency, standard deviation, and charts value; and I did a t-Test: paired two samples for means. For the qualitative data, I used a coding scheme. The data were analyzed by the main categories. Lastly, I felt it hard to be a non-biased researcher. I unconsciously wanted to lead my research in the direction of the results I wanted, but the professor’s feedback helped me having an objective view.

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