Self-paced online course: PowerPoint for the ministers


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The program build up to teach how making a PowerPoint presentation on a sermon time for ministers.
Terminal Goal: Using a PowerPoint application, make a PowerPoint presentation for a sermon?

Needs analysis The trigger was retrieved from my experience in the churches from Korea. When the ministers preach a sermon, they just were saying or using a whiteboard during 1 hour. However, the ministers felt that the believers sometimes lost their focus. Through constant interview, I concluded that using PowerPoint can cover the problem.
Goal statement  Ministers aged more than 55 will be able to make a PowerPoint presentation by creating a new blank presentation, and adding sentences, pictures and animations through web based self-paced learning to a sermon for their over fifties believers.
Target audience Ministers
Main characteristic No prior experience learning through web-based instruction, Computer access skills were a beginner
Learning delivery method Online

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ANALYSIS : Overall of analysis
Needs Analysis, Goal statement, Literature Review, Task/Learning Analysis, Flowchart, Learner Analysis
DESIGN : Blueprint of the program
Sequence and Clustering of Objectives, Preinstructional, Assessment, and Follow-Through Activities, Content Presentation and Student Participation, Media selection, Evaluation, Timeline
STORYBOARD : Detail of Website and lecture  (Flowchart)
DEVELOPMENT : Technical aspects, Structure of the navigation, and what ID Theories and visual design principles used 
Keller’s ARCS, Merrill’s principles, Cognitive Load Theory, and ABC’s RUS principles
PRESENTATION : Overview of the project