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(Go) Climate Pattern Class


In ETEC 676D, I learned about SAM model deeply. Honestly, I thought SAM is easier than ADDIE model. Because the SAM model can make people repeat and edit fast. But after learning it in detail, I acknowledged it should be suitable for experts who have rich experience of curriculum development and design when the education scale is big. However, I also believe choosing effective ID model depends on not only the subject scale, but also what is the purpose and who is target learners for the instructional curriculum. And, this class also focused on Adaptive Learning with SmartSparrow. It was a really interesting subject for me. Because I vaguely thought why all students have to follow the class at the same pace? I sometimes felt such as ‘this class is so fast, I could not understand very well, I need more explanations and exercises’ or ‘some chapters are easy, so it kind of makes me boring. I want to skip them’. Finally, Adaptive learning can support each student’s learning pace by providing various path to the students. It sounds magic. When I designed an adaptive learning class by using SmartSparrow, it was truly a good experience for me.

Adaptive Learning

Created by EunBi Jeong

What is Adaptive Learning? In brief, it is a sort of e-learning which provides learning information or methods to suit the learning level and style of the learner individually. Unlike traditional classes, this is an education which is tailored to the current statuses of the learner by collecting various data such as a result of previous classes and assessment. It makes to acquire the learning subjects by providing video, and simulation lecture, etc.  The concept of ‘adaptive learning’ has emerged relatively long time ago. However, now it is commercialized faster than ever before along the recent advances in technology and social changes.

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