Understanding and making macarons for beginners

This class is ‘Exploration a basic of macarons and recipes of macarons. Emphases are on history, principle and the various types of macarons.’ It includes 4 modules.

The following is the introduction video.

(GO) COURSE OVERVIEW (Syllabus&Rubric)

(GO) Module 1


In fact, I took ETEC 648 while learning ADDIE model in ETEC 544, also before learning about the SAM model in ETEC 676D. At that time, I wasn’t familiar with any ID model. But now I think, I might use SAM1 model. Because, I repeated develop-evaluate-design phase, even though I randomly set all features such as target participants. It was not exactly same, but I believe it was similar to SAM1 model. But, I mainly learned how to design syllabus, rubric, and modules through this class, so I can design a general eLearning class.

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