In this module, we will start to make macarons. The making method must be mastered because the shells’ quality is an essential part to decide the entire macarons quality. The beginning is with exploring the difference between French and Italian style shells.

Learning Objectives

On completion of this module, you will be able to:

  • Define the difference between French and Italian-style shells
  • Build a skill of making a French-style shells
  • Build a skill of making an Italian-style shells

Learning Activities (April 9-15)

  1. Review a Cannone’s Book and web site
  2. Watch two videos
  3. Complete a blog discussion (due date April 12)
  4. Complete an assignment (due date April 15)
  5. Complete the two peer blog feedback (due date April 15)

1.  Review a Cannone’s Book and web site

a.    Book: Cannone, Cecile (2010), Authentic French Cookie Recipes from the Macaron Café, Berkeley, CA: Ulysses press (ISBN-10: 1569758204, ISBN-13: 978-1569758205): Page 23-41

b.    Link: https://www.indulgewithmimi.com/french-vs-italian-meringue-macarons/

2.   Watch

a.    French style: https://youtu.be/IfSrHQ81FG8

b.    Italian style: https://youtu.be/uPrTkuCJYjk (0:00~21:30)

3.   Discuss

  • What Difference between French and Italian-style couqes are? List at least one thing
  • What did you learn during this week? List at least one thing

Post them on your word on your blog

4.   Assignment

  1. Choose one style of the coques.
  2. Take pictures of your performance
  3. Submit to email: jeblove119@gmail.com

The color and taste of macarons have no limit. Any kind of mistake to make macarons is allowed at this time (e.g. the coques were not dried completely), but you must do all of the progress.

Note: No late submission will be accepted


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